Many brides and grooms make mistakes while ordering their wedding invitation cards. But with a little more attention and concentration it is very much possible to avoid such unacceptable mistakes in their best medium (wedding invitations) to invite friends and family members. Have a look at some of the common mistakes that actually happen and can be easily avoided:-

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Mistake No.1: Incorporating every facet of the marriage into the card design

This is a common problem with many brides and grooms, who try to incorporate all the elements of their special day in the invitation design. They want design based on the floral arrangement for their wedding venue as well as lace pattern from the bride’s dress or including the architectural features of their venue. This will surely create a mess for the designer of the card, but still many grooms are adamant about it.

Mistake No.2: Overlooking typos

A2ZWeddingCards, Wedding Invitations

Another common mistake is overlooking typos in the wordings used in the card. For example, a groom accidentally spelled his bride’s name wrong and the invitation cards got printed. They were even sent to the guests, but later when the mistake was identified it was too late and at the wedding day it was such an embarrassing moment for the groom. These kinds of mistakes can be easily avoided to save you from embarrassment.

Mistake No.3: Utilizing too many colors

Some bride and groom are very fancy about colors and want to include every single color they like in the wedding invite. This will surely damage the final look of the marriage invitation card. The card must include maximum 2 to 3 colors to give it a beautiful and attractive look for impressing the guests.

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Mistake No.4: Writing the names and addresses at a single go

Many people want to finish the writing of names and addresses of the guests on the wedding invitation card envelopes in a single go, which is highly not advisable. Nowadays, many online wedding card portals are providing service for addressing the envelopes at a very nominal charge. It is always better to handover such kind of work to the experts to ensure the correct delivery of the cards in appropriate time.

Mistake No.5: Excess ordering of wedding invitation cards

It is highly advisable to make a list of guests beforehand, so that it can help in ordering right number of wedding invites. Many families order excess of wedding invites, which leads to wastage. Such kind of mistakes can be easily avoided to save money and effort.

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Mistake No.6: Ordering wedding invitation cards late

Another mistake, which is very much common nowadays, is ordering the wedding invites late. This will lead to late delivery of the cards to the invited guests and some may even miss the most auspicious day of your life. So, it is advisable to order the cards at least 4 to 5 months before the wedding date.