Wedding Invitations set the mood and ambiance of a wedding. Invitations are considered as a very important part of a marriage ceremony. Wedding Invites are used to request family, relatives, friends, and close ones to attend or to be a part of a lifetime event of a couple’s life. Invitation cards are the first peak at a wedding style. The Listing of location, time of day, and its style hints to the formality of a wedding. Designer Wedding Invitations are the popular trend of these days. Designer Invitations including the letterpress, typography, custom illustrations, whole package/Suite, the packing can be evoking sensation of fun, fantasy and optimism. Here I have arranged some interesting features of a Designer Wedding Cards that can make your wedding more personalized.

Designer wedding invitation | A2zWeddingCards

Types of Designer Wedding Invitations:

Color Type Style Wedding Invitations: Choosing a perfect color pallet also help you in giving a royal touch to your wedding. Choose the color style according to the season, or style of your wedding. Wedding colors reflects the style of a wedding. Soft pastel colors for spring season, Fresh colors like aqua, rust, copper, etc for autumn season, the mix of primary & accent colors for summer, formal glittery metal shades for winters unveil your style and reveal the season.

Wedding colors | A2zWeddingCardsLetterpress Style Wedding Invitations: The most popular trend to give a royal touch to the wedding invitations is using letterpress printing. The process of letterpress printing is done by a relief printing in which the letters or images on a paper sheet is raised against and inked. This gives a perfect classy and graceful look to the Letterpress wedding invitations. This technique is always affordable and also will leave a long-lasting impression on your guests.

Letterpress Designing Wedding Invitation | A2zWeddingCards

Typography Style Wedding Invitations: Typography is also a popular trend and something which everybody wants to feature in their wedding invitations style. Typography is a technique of using various font styles in the text in a manner that it could look stylish as well as readable.

Typography Style Wedding Invitations | A2zWeddingCards

Custom Illustrations Style Wedding Invitations: Custom illustrations designs give an artistic and wow full impression to the wedding cards. The use of cartoon characters of bride and groom, or other things like table & chairs, food vessels, the wedding car, etc that defines the style of the wedding and also gives an attractive look to your wedding invites.

Custom illustration Wedding Invitations | A2zWeddingCards

Invitations Suite Style Wedding Invitations: Considering a wedding invitations suite in place of just sending a wedding invite itself gives a royal and polite sense. It gives a feel of etiquettes and it’s impressive too. Including the save the date card, RSVP card, Location card, registry cards and Thank you card makes an invitations suite, a perfect one.

Wedding Invitations Suite | A2zWeddingCards

The Packing Style Wedding Invitations: Using stylish wraps and unusual wrapping styles also a popular trend these days to impress the guests and give a off the rack kind of look. Using modish envelopes, or boxes in place of envelopes, pop-up box pattern are some popular trends that can be used to give a sensation of a bit extra to your guests. Also you can ask your guest to carry the pop up box to the wedding, so that they can tie them to the wedding car.

The Paper type Style Wedding Invitations: There’s a hefty amount of paper type and styles that are available to customize your invites, the way you dream of. Rather using ordinary wedding invitations paper you can opt for Shimmer papers, wooly cotton papers, matt papers, and velvet papers. With paper styles like laser cut, embossed style, foil paper etc.

Paper Type Style Wedding Invitation | A2zWeddingCards

Considering these ideas, make your wedding a Royal one!

Happy Wedding Planning!