Granted, you might store a lot of wedding memories in your brains but, you would still agree that wedding photographs give wings to all your wedding memories. However, brides and grooms often get engrossed in all the responsibilities so much that they forget to incorporate the most important ingredient of wedding-fun and hence, their wedding photographs are a memoir of a uneventful wedding. For this reason, here are top 10 fun wedding photography ideas that increase the fun quotient in your wedding memories.

1. Getting ready

Groom Getting ready


Bride Getting ready

The whole crowd see the final version of bride and groom and the photographer too click the photographs when you are all set but, get yourself clicked with the mess and fuss when you are getting ready.

2. Setting in the Shoe

Finally when you are all set to leave your bachelor and spinster life, you are setting your feet in the shoes of married couple so, write married man/married women on your shoes and ask your photographer to click the funny wedding photos with these shoes.

3. Mirror Reflection

When you are all set to kiss your bride at the altar, hold a mirror in front of your faces. Wedding guests with closed eyes will be reflected in the mirror and that would be the brilliant wedding photograph idea ever.

4. Punch Hard

Punch Hard

Life take a U-turn when you get married and for this reason, you can have trendy wedding photography where the bride will be shown punching the groom on the face. It would be really fun, trust us!

5. Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

To follow this wedding photography trend 2017, brides along with bridesmaids need to sit down and groom along with groomsmen have to jump over their heads. While the boys are still in the air, click them all.

6. Surrounded by Loved Ones

Surrounded by Loved Ones

Take a aerial view of you both holding hand and all your loved ones surrounding you in heart shaped enclosure. This would be the most romantic Wedding Photography Idea for you.

7. In the hands

In the hands

Grooms have to take care of their brides throughout their life so, how about a picture with bride in hands. Get a picture clicked where bride looks too tiny in the hands of the groom. This would be really one of the Funny Wedding Photos in your album.

8. Parents will be Parents

Parents will be Parents

For one of the memorable and interesting wedding photography, you both can get an individual photo each with your own parents. That would be really beautiful and cute for you.

9. Fit in the Frame

Fit in the Frame

Leading Wedding Photography Trends 2017 would be frame within a frame trend. You both have to hold a wooden frame in your hands and all your family members need to fit in the frame for a picture perfect one.

10. Just married

Show the world that you have recently tied the wedlock. For this each member of your wedding gang can hold a letter for ‘Just married” in their hands and get the picture clicked with you both standing in the middle.