The world was taken aback when Harry Potter came on screen. J.K. Rowling never thought that it would be really that huge but, it became such a hit that all the Harry Potter fans love to have a Harry potter themed wedding. If you are also a huge fan of Harry Potter, here are some amazing ideas without extremely cheesy details to incorporate in your wedding.

Hogwarts Location

Hollywood Castle of Los Angeles


Harry-Potter-Themed-Castle-Wedding2Source: The Hollywood Castle of Los Angeles (

When it comes to Harry Potter theme wedding, the location matters a lot. A large castle up the hills with large stone walls and lush garden is beyond perfection. With right amount of amendments you can work wonders with the location of this wedding theme.

The Reception Table

The Reception Table - Harry Potter Themed Wedding

For this wedding theme, you can set large tables in place of small individual tables. Long table with table runners made out of the book pages of the series are perfect for this wedding theme. As table centrepieces, you can keep chocolate frogs.

Honeydukes Sweets Bar

Honeydukes Sweets Bar - Harry Potter Themed Wedding

A sweet bar is something that all your wedding guests would definitely love and for this wedding theme, you can have a honeydukes sweets bar and everyone will cherish it for sure.

Floating Candles

Floating Candles - Harry Potter Themed Wedding

To give a Hogwarts aura to the whole wedding venue, one can add different props in the venue decoration but, floating candles would be something that will add all the magical touch in your wedding venue.

Wedding Invitations

Scroll Wedding Invitations - Harry Potter Themed Wedding

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When you have a theme decided for your wedding, it is important to have the same themed wedding invitations. For Harry Potter wedding, you can have a black scroll invitations and it will set the tone right.

Exchange Vows in Style

Exchange wedding vows  over the goblet of fire - Harry Potter Theme Wedding

The wedding vows are quite important in any wedding and for Harry potter themed wedding, you can make your own wedding vows and exchange the wedding vows  over the goblet of fire.

Harry Potter Cocktails

Harry Potter theme wedding cocktails

Right cocktails make the wedding a lot more fun and Harry Potter wedding demands some amazing cocktails. You can select your own portion of cocktail based on your preference. Ascertain a unique cocktail portion for your wedding toast.

Hogwarts Photo Booth

Hogwarts Photo booth - Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Photographs are for the memories and wedding photographs are for forever memories. To match this wedding theme, you can place Hogwarts inspired props at your photo or video booth and have some of the most memorable captures for life.

Golden Snitch Cake

Golden snitch cake - Harry Potter Themed Wedding

When every detail in your wedding needs to match your wedding theme, you cannot miss the wedding cake. Have a golden snitch wedding cake and share the slice of joy with everyone.

Grand Exit

Grand Exit - Harry Potter Themed Wedding

A Harry Potter theme wedding needs to be celebrated in style so, the exit of the couple needs to be grand too. You can take a stand against the dark lord and then make a grand exit between an Arc of wards.

There are so much that you can do with this wedding theme and you are all allowed to use your own creativity and make your day super memorable.