A five day festival to celebrate the contemporary performing arts, Glastonbury is simply breathtaking and it takes place near Pilton, Somerset, England. The festival is just around the corner and if you are the one of the unlucky one who has not been able to grab a ticket to the festival, don’t fret as there are other ways to enjoy this. How? Well, one way is to have the unique theme of Glastonbury wedding if you are getting married anytime soon. Want to know how you could nail this theme? Here you go.

Music Is The Key!

Glastonbury-Wedding-Dance -A2zWeddingCards
Music plays a central role in any couple’s wedding and same applies to Glastonbury festival. Have live bands make things happening and entertaining in your Glastonbury theme wedding.

Lush Green Venue

Glastonbury- Wedding-Venue - A2zWeddingCards
Festival weddings definitely need a perfect venue and for a wedding based on Glastonbury theme, you need a lush green garden space for a breath taking and magical touch to solemnize your wedding.

Be Bold, Be Colorful

Colorful-Wedding - A2zWeddingCards
Festivals are extremely colorful and a festival in summer season calls for even more colors. Based on this fact, go bold and choose ultra bright palette to get the perfect summer and Glasto vibes.

Food For The Fun

You can always take a relaxed approach when it comes to festival themed weddings. Add a lot of vibrancy with a large variety of pizzas, street food vans, ice creams, barbeques, galloping gourmets and more.

Add Some More Fun

Let’s accept this that you can never get bored when it comes to festivals and if you opt for a festival themed wedding, you definitely need to keep your guests entertained. Some quirky ideas are guitars, henna tattoo station and retro photo booth.

Let The Invites Speak

Colorful Wedding Invites-A2zWeddingCards
When everything is around the festival, you cannot miss the invitations at all. Having colorful wedding cards is the key to set things right. Even better, opt for Colorful Indian Wedding Cards that will compliment the theme completely.

Happy Dresses

Glastonbury-wedding-attire - A2zWeddingCards
Costume craziness can add even more fun in your wedding and if it’s a festival themed wedding, you are all allowed to wear what you want. Involve fancy dresses as an essential part of your festival wedding and see the fun.

More Merry Children, More Fun!

Children are the people who keep running, screaming, giggling and playing all throughout the weddings or festivals. Encourage your guests to bring their little ones and arrange a great deal of fun activities to keep them happy and entertained.

Keep The Spirit Right

Glastonbury festival is all about being creative, vibrant, expressive, and inclusive. You can hire live performers and a parade of walkabout performers to deliver that interactive entertainment that will make everything interesting in your wedding.

 So Guys, keep up all these things, have fun, relax, be silly, enjoy more and have a blast of your lifetime at your wedding!