“Love is Love!” Love finds its static space in every heart that beats. There is no country, cast or religion associated with it. There are an end number of love stories who had no cultural connectivity at all but they made it! Multicultural La Jolla Weddings are such a cool and interesting celebration to adore and be a part of. Have you ever been to any such wedding? Where the bride is Japanese and the groom is Canadian or where the bride is American and the groom is Indian? If you have, you can completely understand my level of excitement while writing this blog post. There are fun and inimitable elements visible here and there in such Multicultural Weddings.

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“We all are different and that’s beautiful”

The beauty of diversity is what you will see the most in a Multicultural La Jolla Wedding. The most interesting part is the proper execution of a different country’s tradition and culture. Each and everyone in the wedding have a curiosity to learn and explore new rituals and customs. Endless list of stupid+ sensible questions will keep the entertainment going! There are a couple of weddings where the two unlike societies are fused fairly with some elements from the groom’s side and a few elements from the bride’s side.  A creative and canny Wedding planning is a must to make such wedding a super hit show!

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“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”

Yes, it’s challenging to go out of the league but trust me it will be very memorable and glitzy. White American bride dressed up in India’s traditional lehanga, or an Indian bride decked up in Chinese wedding mermaid dress, or a French groom dolled up in a typical Nigerian wedding dress; it’s always a fun watching this beauty of diversity. Multicultural Weddings are a true blend of fun, curiosity and an unforgettable list of special moments.

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For Example…..

I recently got a Wedding Invitations crafted in Chinese designs and inked in Hindi! Of course there was no saying “No”, I went to a wedding in India (Punjab), where the groom was Chinese and the bride was a classic Punjabi girl! Punjab is famous for its richness in dances and ultra-delicious food that is assuredly going to give you an increased level of calories after you see off! Groom’s entire family became a part of the exclusive wedding, it was an ultimate experience seeing those folks dressed up in Indian attires and performing Indian customs. Later on the wedding was also celebrated according to the Chinese rituals. The love they had for each other was clearly visible from their smiles and laughter during the entire event. How lucky! Two two times wedding in two different styles, I am jealous…..

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Multicultural Weddings-A2zWeddingCards

Multicultural La Jolla Weddings are a must go. I assure you, when you will come back the definition of love will get more enhanced and enchanted for you.

All the very best to the diversified couples, keep on inspiring!