It’s not only with flowers, candles or lamps….. It can be with the music too. All music-lovers, shower-singers, can hit the core of souls with fantastic music. Musical Theme Wedding can make their Big Day celebration a grand hit. Capture the essence of Music in your Wedding and give a rocking experience to your guests on your Wedding Day.

Your Engagement photo speaks a lot…

This will be the best Big Day memory. It can reveal your love for each other in the best way. A ‘Romantic Wedding song’ can be played near the photo which is going to impress your guests definitely.

Rock your Big Day with these Musical Theme Wedding Ideas  Engagement

Starting with the ceremony….

Blend the spark of your ‘love for music’ even if you have a Traditional Wedding celebration. It’s the precious day of your life, so don’t forget to be the rock star on your Nuptial. Your guests too can add flavors of their own ideas. ‘Maracas’ can be a good option.

Organize your tables….

Your reception can be personalized by incorporating some favorite songs into your buffet settings. A music inspired theme can be given to distinct tables. Stick a note to each table, stating why you selected that particular theme for each table. This will include a lot of FUN!

Rock your Big Day with these Musical Theme Wedding Ideas - Decor

What about creative DECORS….

Intelligent decorating ideas can be a great hit in front of your guests. Hanging guitar cutouts at the party will be a unique Idea. A guitar-shape cake can give a true feel of music flavor in the form of dessert.

Guest Book Records….

What if your guests write their own notes? It can be a wonderful decor in your bedroom after marriage.

Postcard Idea….

Varied postcards can be used for writing different lyrics that will be loved by the duos and guests too. They can be used in the background to give a real feel of MUSIC in the Wedding.

Rock your Big Day with these Musical Theme Wedding Ideas - Wedding Invitations

Musical Theme Wedding Invitations….

Your Wedding Invitation wordings can be inspired by romantic wedding song lyrics. Beautiful musical notes can be written on Wedding Invitations that will invite your loved ones in a very special way. Adding the lyrical wording will definitely leave an outstanding impression on your guests. Couples can paste their photos on the Wedding Cards with a beautiful musical note depicting their invitation gratitude.

Portrait sounds Pretty….

Lovely art paintings of the duo, hanged on the walls and ceilings reflecting special moments they spent together will make the moment more appealing.

Rock your Big Day with these Musical Theme Wedding Ideas - Couple Portraits

Well…. It can be stated as the best decision in Wedding Planning.

It’s the perfect Wedding theme for all seasons.

Enjoy! And, as always, feel free to share your ideas and inspiration with us in the comments.