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In recent time, wedding cards has already gained an immense popularity and prominent place in marriage preparations. The bride and groom are no more hesitant in spending money over exquisite and beautiful marriage invitation cards whereas earlier people use to spend less on the invitations. At the same time, people did not have plenty of options for selecting or ordering a wedding invitation. But with changing times the options became more and people started to give a more importance to selecting a card with beautiful design and color. With advanced cutting edge printing technology, it became possible for the people to choose outstanding cards at a very affordable price.

But the cards vary from religion to religion in terms of designs, colors, patterns and textures. For instance, Hindu cards totally differ from Muslim invitations. The majority of wedding card online portals is trying to lay strong stress on designing the marriage invitation card as per the culture of both the religions. In Hindu culture, more importance is given on symbols and designs having religious significance, and there are plenty of options available in terms of style and design. There are few religious symbols in Hindu, which are considered to be highly auspicious for wedding ceremonies which are like Lord Ganesha, Kalash with mango leaves over the top, along with a coconut placed in between those leaves, Swastika symbol, Om and many more.

hindu wedding cards, hindu wedding invitations, hindu cards

From the above mentioned auspicious Hindu wedding card symbols the Lord Ganesha and Swastika are preferred by the majority of Hindu people in their wedding invitation cards as it is believed to make the function hurdle-free.  The symbol of the swastika is also used as it symbolizes four different directions, sun, change and movement. At the same time, various printing techniques like hot foil stamping, embossing and many more help to print these symbols in an attractive manner. Usually, red, yellow and orange are the colors used by Hindu people for preparing their invitation cards.

islamic wedding cards, islamic wedding invitations

Now have a look on the various alternatives which are available for Muslim wedding cards. The Muslim marriages are also known as Nikaah or Walima. In the Muslim culture, there are also few auspicious symbols which can be placed on the marriage invitation card such as image of a star and a crescent moon and many more. The Muslim bride and groom sometimes include the holy verses of Quran in the cards. Apart from these images, Bismillah image is also used extensively by Muslim people in the cards to give it a perfect look. Green color is given more importance for preparing this type of cards.

In a nutshell, from the above mentioned points it shows the Muslim wedding cards differ a lot from the Hindu marriage invitations in terms of design, symbols and colors.