In case you are planning to have a summer mountain wedding, you surely be imagining a ravisher, blue-sky day that is similar to something to a film with an ocean of white roses all around and you sit on a hilltop with your guests to celebrate the most special day of your life. At the same time, strolling in the gardens with champagne glasses and commenting how your wedding is the most beautiful one might have ever seen.


So, hosting a marriage at a mountain can become stunning, unforgettable day for you and all the guests who are attending the function. It can likewise offer a fascinating treat to your invited guests. But there are things that you have to look into before planning a wedding in a mountain. You need to keep an eye on various aspects related to your special day such as photography, food items and much more. In simple words, it can be said that for having an astonishing wedding day, you essentially have to look into the below mentioned tips:-

You can think of hiring the services of a wedding planner, who has a fair amount of knowledge in planning a wonderful summer mountain wedding. At the same time, it is important that this planner must have contact with local vendors to arrange all the required items in proper and systematic manner.


Another important aspect is visiting the location beforehand to make the final decision because it might look different from the pictures. The photos can never show the whole story perfectly. So, visiting the particular place in the mountain can sort out all the problems beforehand.

Select a destination that displays your mutual choice as a couple. You can always make a choice between the wooded backdrop or a mountainous backdrop. At the same time, you have to keep in mind the number of guests coming to attend the function.  The place you select must be based on the guest list and the size of the function you are going to have.


Another important aspect is the weather because in summer it is generally mild and warm. So, you might not ruin the whole occasion by doing the ceremony in the mid of the day. It is advisable to choose a time around evening to celebrate the whole occasion. You must plan out everything beforehand like umbrellas for the guests in case the weather is much too warm and humid. You can also provide sunscreen lotion to your guests in case they have to spend lots of time in the sun for your wedding celebration.


You must set a budget before having a summer mountain wedding because it might be quite expensive. You also have to find out the other expenses related to the ceremony like a wedding cake, photographer, florist and much more.

In case you have a mountain in your local place, then you must take advantage of it. You must explore the possibilities of having a wonderful wedding ceremony in this particular location.