An invitation card says many things about the personality of the bride and groom. It not only sets the precise tone for the marriage, but also adds glamour to it. So it becomes highly imperative to choose a design for your invitation cards that showcases your personality as well as adds relevance to your personality.  You must not be afraid of ordering crazy colors as well as designs that you love and want for your Christian wedding invites. Well, today we are here to discuss about Vintage Inspired Rock n Roll wedding invitation cards that’s fun as well as gorgeous. You can find a large variety of designs, colors, wordings and much more for them. One of the designs can be – gray and teak work along with a beautiful artwork behind the wordings on the card. Such design will surely compliment the appearance of the invitations.


You can always play with the colors and fonts for creating your rock n roll invitations that will remain in the minds of your invited guests for all the years to come. They are going to remember the card and will be excited to know what else is waiting for them on your special day celebration. So, how you are going to put the “rock n roll” into the marriage card wording? Well, your passion for this kind of music will help you in selecting the right verse from the major hit songs from the charts. You can become an individualist by using a simple wording for giving the basic information about your wedding ceremony. At the same time, you can borrow few lyrical lines from any famous rock and roll song that is extraordinary for you and your fiancé. The couples can use this kind of idea to express their love for one another by sharing this wonderful feeling with the guests coming to the big day.


Rock n roll wedding invitations are very different from the other traditional marriage invites. The whole idea stands after making such cards is to show your love for music. You can utilize various types of rock and roll symbol, such as iconic electric guitar. At the same time, you can find a big list of symbols relating to rock and roll theme like skulls, chains, black leather, classical guitar, electric guitar and much more. In case you are short on your wedding budget, then you can also make these wedding cards yourself or you can browse various online wedding card companies that offer these invitation cards. You can instruct them the kind of design you look for and how you want them to matchup with your wedding theme.


There are just endless ideas that you can use for these cards, but it is highly important that you utilize your imagination in a perfect manner because it is for the most auspicious day of your life. You can share your zeal for rock music and the love you carry in your heart by designing these cards in best possible manner.