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Making the wedding stand out is everyone’s dream but, it is really hard to achieve. Do you also think on the same lines? If yes then, the first thing you need to consider for your wedding preparation is the wedding colours. The right combination of playful and fun colours gives a whole lot of vibrancy and lavish appeal to any wedding. The chosen wedding colour combos will be added in every single aspect of your wedding. So, you should choose the colour combinations too wisely. To give you the best wedding colour ideas, we offer the top 5 wedding colours combinations, which you might have never seen before.

1.    Classic Blue, Tangerine and Sugar

Classic Blue, Tangerine, Sugar-A2zWeddingCards

The combination of these three colours can give a punchy tone to your wedding. Keep the classic blue colour as the driving one to reflect the swanky aura throughout the wedding. The orange shade blended with this navy blue colour will add fuel in your wedding colour ideas. And, the peppy and spontaneous sugar shade will reflect a perfect balance with these shades. The tangerine shade could be used in a bridal wedding dress and make-up. The overall combination will look great in wedding decoration and other details. This vivid colour palette combination is awesome for summer season wedding.

2.    Mint, Tea-berry and Custom Blue

Mint, Teaberry, custom blue-A2zWeddingCards

If you intend to have a chic and sophisticated wedding, this colour combination is just perfect for you. This adds a refreshing feel to any wedding. Mint is considered as one of the trendiest colour options in the whole colour palette market and it could be mixed with any other colour hues. Blending Mint colour with Tea-berry and custom blue will give a super romantic, calming, restful and playful mood to the wedding. The soft tea-berry shade is best suited for the wedding dresses and the bridal bouquet. Perfect for vintage or summer weddings, these wedding colour ideas is just stunning.

3.    Azalea, Mint and Butter

 Azalea, Mint, butter-A2zWeddingCards

For a sweet harmony, try these wedding colour combos. The bold pop of a vibrant colour-Azalea gives a perfect aura for any summer wedding. This bright pink colour gives a playful and joyful feeling when blended with muted colours. The glowing aura by the use of these wedding colour ideas will make your wedding lively and vibrant. The wedding cake, wedding decoration and wedding dresses will look amazing in these beautiful shades. Your wedding guests will love to see the candid spirit of you reflected through these beautiful shades.

4.   Pumpkin, Butter and Sage

 Pumpkin, butter, sage - A2zWeddingCards

Perfect for any season wedding, these harmonious Wedding colour combos is the most amazing one. The bold and vibrant pumpkin shade gives the perfect amount of drama in the wedding decoration and dresses while the other subtle colour palettes add a romantic aura to the overall feel. The Mother Nature offers these beautiful wedding colours in a lot of flowers, which could be used wisely to elaborate your fanciful and romantic mood.

5.   Sugar, Sage and Cream Rose

 Sugar, Sage, cream rose - A2zWeddingCards

One of the most beautiful wedding ideas suggest to blend Sugar, sage and cream rose shade to present unique Wedding colour ideas. This beautiful combo is chic, sophisticated and luxurious at the same time. By perfectly blending these shades, you can create a vintage aura in your dream wedding. The beautiful sugar shade could be poured into the wedding apparel and décor while the other shades will give a modern expression to your wedding.