Buying a wedding dress has always been the most fun part of planning any wedding. We all know this because all of us have been in the bridal shoes at a point of time. But before you buy your dress, our advice is to savor every moment and try to find the best one for you. The reason being, it is the most special day in your life, and gets yourself a bridal gown you dreamed off always. You can take help of your closest friends with you, as you will surely desire to go out of ideas and will look for a supportive hand. At the same time, it is important to keep your group intimate and small so that it does not become overwhelming with different opinions and voices, if you make out what we actually mean.

The wedding dress that you select will certainly set the whole mood for your wedding theme (and how casual or dressy the bridegroom is…he will definitely follow you in this regard). At the same time, it is imperative to select your dress based on the current wedding dress trends and you will find diverse types of exquisite gowns to select based on the season.

Short Wedding Dress– Sweet and short dresses are also very hot for a casual type bride who like a high cut for getting a lengthy look with it. In 2014 this trend of bell-sleeved baby doll shape layered in lace is immensely popular all across the globe. You can easily wear this type of dress with chunky or flat platforms to look more casual, or go for a set of heels to look stylish.

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Pink Wedding Dress– Pink has always been the favorite color of every girl and wearing a pink wedding dress will surely need lot of guts. The reason being you are moving out the regular trend of – white color, which is preferred by each and every bride all across the globe. You can set a trend this year by going for it and give an extraordinary look to the most special day of your life.

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Hint-of-Lace Wedding Dress– It is a known fact that Lace has always been popular among brides for bridal gowns, it does not matter what the season is. This kind of dress is classic and very famous in 2014 among brides all across the globe.

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Floral Wedding Dress-As per the recent trends of 2014, floral wedding dress features an excess of small flora’s making the gown elegant with a variety of embroidered blossoms all over the ball gown-shaped skirt. You can also order your wedding invitation card based on the floral design on your wedding gown and you can use soft hues of green, pink, blue or gray as motif for your special day celebration.

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So, the right time has come to select a wonderful dress to add more style to the most precious moment of your life.