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Have you heard about wedding insurance? Not yet…..well it’s imperative to know about it, if you are getting married sooner or later. This new term (for many people) was recently coined for averting any kind of disaster on your special day. An unforeseen event can occur anytime if the marriage planning goes wrong. From stealing of wedding gifts to sudden cancellation of venue will surely spoil your mood as well as peace of mind.

Basically, wedding insurance is type of policy that monetarily protects your marriage and guards it against any misfortune or mishap. Sometimes conditions go beyond one’s control which can damage the whole event, but in that case the part of a wedding insurance provider comes handy, as he can reimburse the substantial amount of cost incurred by you. For example, a couple spend a huge amount of time for planning their winter marriage but on the wedding day, their reception venue became unapproachable due to snowstorm. So, with the help of right insurance policy, this couple postponed their marriage and also received substantial amount of money they lost relating to floral designer, non-refundable deposits for ceremony musicians, catering, attire, wedding invites and the cake.

A2ZWeddingCards, Wedding Insurance Policy

Generally, any kind of the basic marriage insurance policy will cover-up loss of rings, attire, presents, photos, videos, pertaining to the cover-up provided by the wedding insurance company. Now, surely one question will arise in your mind whether we really require a wedding insurance. Well it is a very tricky question and you can keep certain things in mind before you select a particular wedding insurance policy. You must verify with your every dealer to see whether they are covered by any insurance policy or not. Also check with your reception venue as well as your caterer regarding the same. This is mainly done to ensure you are safe and don’t pay the coverage amount from your own wallet. You can always ask for a copy of your dealer’s insurance policy and examine the areas on which you are not actually covered.

A2ZWeddingCards, Wedding Insurance Policy

Now the major question before us is what is actually covered in your wedding insurance. A exact or maximum amount of money is fixed which can be claimed on different categories consisting of loss incurred by caterers, wedding location, and vendors. A pertinent point being deductions are applicable to all the categories mentioned above. Now raises another question how you will select a particular insurance provider for my marriage day. A large variety of insurance providers are accessible in the market to safeguard your wedding. You must put an effort to find out how much you will be spending on each of the wedding item and then choose out a policy which covers most of the things on your list.

Last but not the least, you must keep the policy papers in a safe place because you will require them in case of any mishap. You must also know the time-frame to claim and receiving the money for your wedding.