Along with the excitement about the first proposal, the judgment to get married and pleasure in having that beautiful new ring, couples will start thinking about the time of their actual wedding. Every couple will make sure to make this time wonderful with practical realities keeping in mind their dreams. In every function, the first and foremost decision is to celebrate the engagement ceremony. This can be a simple event or an intimate function with close friends and family members. In case, you are planning such kind of theme for your wedding, then you can make wedding invitation cards designed especially for friends.

Wedding Invitation Cards

But before deciding this, the big question is: ‘when’ because you have to figure out when your friends and family members will be available and based on that you can decide the date for your matrimonial ceremony. After doing this, you will most likely have to decide about the wedding venue and what kind of function you desire. It is the time groom-to-be and his future bride will try their best to incorporate all their ideas to make a wonderful piece of invite for the friends. Occasionally both bride and groom take keen interest in this process. The high priority is for arranging the wedding invitations.

This marriage invitation card tells your friends and family about you as well as your whole special day celebration. It will also tell your friends about what kind of marriage to expect. A plain, understated, quiet invitation card designed in formal terms will signify that you aim to have a traditional kind of wedding celebration. This also shows that you are very family oriented and perhaps anticipate inviting your close friends. It will also mean that you want to showcase your function, as private or reserved. In case, you are outgoing and very lively type, then it will be reflected in your selection of Christian wedding invitation cards. The invitation cards will be bubbly, romantic, quirky, trendy, humorous and brightly colored.

Unique Wedding Invitation Card

In case you are planning to have your wedding in a church, then you can use the Bible verse on your invitation card. At the same time, if you are getting married in a garden, then you can use flowers or floral motif for your marriage invitation cards. Other things that will affect your preference of wedding invitation cards will be the theme along with the colors that you select for your wedding decoration in the venue. Suppose you select silver, white for wedding colors, then you can highlight this theme with elements of black, red, lilac, green or ice blue. Whatever you plan for flower arrangements, wedding favors and services will reflect on your wedding invitation cards.

Depending on the kind of wedding, you choose, for example an Oriental theme, an African theme, a Hawaiian theme or a country barn theme. In this case, wedding invitation cards designed for friends will go perfectly with all these themes and will add a touch of friendship to it.