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When couples are planning for their reception, they always look for elegant, simple and budget friendly stuff for assuring that the entire wedding guests enjoy the reception evening. In this pursuit, everyone tries to find crazy ideas and tips to make sure that they arrange great reception food and drink menu, which is not too hard on the pockets. For this, here are some amazing wedding reception ideas.

1.    Cut the cost of servers

For serving the wedding reception food, everyone appoints servers to ease out things for wedding guests but, it is not mandatory to have them. You can save a lot by organizing self-serving stalls for the guests.

2.    Simple at its best

For snack and appetizers in wedding reception food, it’s not necessary to have jazzy and crazy food stuff. You can keep simple menu for this and make sure that you present them in such a subtle way that it impresses your wedding guests.

Cost of Servers and Simple Food - A2zWeddingCards

3.    Limited alcohol

One of the best wedding food ideas suggests that you should limit the alcohol in your wedding reception.  There are two options: either you can close the bar for some time or you can serve a limited number of drinks.

4.    Include non-alcoholic beverages

Most of the people enjoy alcoholic drinks in the wedding but, few would prefer non-alcoholic drinks too. You can include these in your reception as it will help you in saving a great deal.

Limited alcohol & Non-Alcoholic Drinks - A2zWeddingCards

5.    Outside catering

Wedding venues do not allow outside catering in general but, you can try to find a wedding venue which allows outside catering. This is considered as one of the best Wedding Ideas for Food. Outside catering is comparatively cheap and affordable.

6.    In season food

People love to eat a different kind of food and to impress our wedding guests; most of the people try to arrange a wide kind of food. However, you should only opt for food, which is available in the season. Off-season foods are generally expensive. So, these Wedding Food Ideas will help you in saving a lot.

Outside catering & Seasonal Food - A2zWeddingCards

7.    Daytime reception

Generally, people organize dinner in the wedding reception but, the best wedding reception ideas suggest organizing lunch in place of dinner. Lunch costs less in comparison to dinner and hence you would be able to save a lot.

8.    Simple display cake

Call it a trend or call it a custom, it is mandatory to have a large wedding cake for your Wedding Reception Food. But, you can have a display cake in place of a real cake. Wedding cakes are generally too expensive. You can cut the display cake and serve pastries instead later.

Daytime reception & Display Cake - A2zWeddingCards

9.    Invite few people

We know that you want all your loved ones to be present at your big day. But, the best wedding planning idea suggests inviting less number of people in your wedding reception. For the left out people, you can organize a small ceremony later.

10.    Avoid sit-down dinner

The latest Wedding Food Ideas suggest avoiding a sit-down dinner in the wedding. It is very natural that guest sitting at a comfortable position will consume more. Buffet system is the right option for this.

Invite few people & Dinner - A2zWeddingCards

Try these amazing tricks to save a lot in your wedding reception.