Your soon-to-be is wearing white, you are probable to wear black; dress up the entire space in colors of black and white! The combination of black and white is evergreen. Ooh that makes an irony! Interesting…

Anyways, no matter which century it is or what is in trend, the perfect amalgamation of black and white has always found its place in everyone’s heart. The classy combination looks great in every occasion and can be a cool choice for your themed wedding. Scroll down to read some interesting ways of celebrating a posh black and white wedding:

Black and White Wedding - A2zWeddingCards

Please! Don’t leave the Wedding Stationery undone
Often, the wedding invitations are overlooked when it comes to theme. So, give the first clue of your wedding’s theme to your guests with the black and white wedding stationery. Black has many shades make use of all of them to print your copy of beauteous designer wedding invitation cards, RSVP cards, Menu Cards, Place Cards and Thank You Cards.

Designer Wedding Cards-A2zWeddingCards

Wedding Response Cards-A2zWeddingCards

Black and White Flower Bouquet
Aren’t you bored of seeing the same pink and red rose bouquet in everybody else’s wedding? Try something totally different in your wedding! A bouquet of foxy black buttons or black and white lilies can be your pick for the day.

Black and White Wedding Flowers-A2zWeddingCards

Uuuumm Dark Chocolate Wedding Cake….
You can go for vanilla as well, but dark chocolate is the best no matter what! White bows and floral can be used to add glitters on your mouthwatering cake. Talk to your bakery what all can be done with your black and white wedding cake. He will assist you better in blending the design and flavor.

Black and White Wedding Cake-A2zWeddingCards

From Tip to TOE
Make a stylish entry into the wedding hall with your stylish pair of black and white footwear.

Black and White Everywhere
When you are going theme based, don’t skip anything!  Reception decor, Tablecloth, Centerpiece, Champagne Bottle, Plates each and everything should align with the theme. Now, here is a cute tip- Use black and white balloons to glamorize your entryway.

Good Bye
I won’t recommend a black car for the C off. Book your seats in a royal white car! The princess’s chariot can then be decorated well with black laces and ribbons.

At last, do remember that – “When you photograph in color you photograph their dresses but when you photograph in black and white, you photograph their souls.” Good Luck, wish you colorful years ahead!