“The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.”

Summer Wedding

No issues of rain, no worries of snow, no fear of winds!  Summers are definitely a smart choice for hosting a wedding ceremony.  So, you are planning your wedding this summer? Let me notify you in advance, a lot of things to manage are in your checklist now. But, but, but….don’t sweat much here are a few fun ideas to rejoice your outdoor summer wedding:

1) Keep your delighted guests in shade

Organizing your wedding ceremony under a tent is a fun idea plus, it will also keep you away from the reach of the mighty sun. No harsh rays also imply that at the end you will get a good nice collection of photographs without the droplets of sweat being visible on your face.

Summer wedding guests

2) Pulpy fruits to beat the heat

Add baskets of fruits in your décor. Seasonal fruits like lemons and oranges can be used to jazz up the décor. Supply them in regular intervals or keep them in display to keep your guests energized. After, they are going to bring whole life into your wedding ceremony.

summer fruits

3) Blowing the Bubbles

Nothing better than this! Lend the bubble making machine to remark a bubbly wedding….. The flowing small balls of bubbles will make the ambience more romantic.

summer bubble wedding

4) Swings for revisiting the childhood fun

The fast moving breeze and the strong sturdy trees, ready to offer you swing! The greenery, the garden and swings can be a perfect place to capture abundance of laughter and smiles.

Summer swing


 Yes, melting and frosting of cakes is a hitch when you are getting hitched in summers. So, don’t go for icing simple, Problem solved…. Rather order a naked cake for your summer wedding and exhibit it smartly on the table.

Summer wedding cakes

6) Water water everywhere….

Water is a life saver during winter! Splash your guests with water during fun water activities that you might organize in a small pool. And yes, do offer them chilled bottles of drinkable water to get rid of the heat.


7) Blower fans

Let the airs play its music with the high velocity blower fans. Do not miss this from your list; it will help you in keeping the aurora pleasant and happy.

Blower fan

8) Who doesn’t love Ice-creams?

Arranging for an ice-cream parlor will fill you with a lot of wishes by the tummies of your guests. Ice creams have the super natural powers to keep the mind and body of anybody cool and relax.


9) In addition

Display a box of Fans, Umbrellas and Shades for your guests to nourish them with the summer look and feel. The funky and youthful chunk of guests will definitely try their hands with these stuffs.


10) Raise your hand for the Bid Adieu

End up with the theme you began, when everything is on track let’s conclude it in the same way. Bid Goodbye to your guests in a golf cart to symbolize that you had a perfect summer wedding.

Summer Wedding

Ooh, You Have Got One In Bonus….

What else? You can design your Wedding Invitation Card in the shape of a fan to give a clue about the wedding. Even the Wedding Program Booklet can be designed in the same way.

We hope the ideas will make your outdoor summer wedding a super cool episode to be remembered.

Happy Wedding!