scroll wedding cards, scroll wedding invitations

Scroll wedding invitation cards are the most traditional and ancient way to announce your special day in a big manner. These types of cards were used by the royal Indian families as a medium to declare any ceremony like marriage.  In the medieval period, kings used to send their message from one place to another place through scroll invitations.  It was used only by the royal families for business meetings and gatherings. But with the passage of time, common people also started to use these scroll wedding invitation cards.

Various categories of scroll invitations: scroll marriage invitations are available in various colors, designs and styles. It totally depends on your budget and what kind of card you are looking at.

It also depends on the theme of your special day because invitation card gives first impression about it. For making scroll cards, premium quality of paper is used the printing process of such kind of cards is also finest and top class.  At the same time, the calligraphic designs give an extraordinary look to the invitation cards.

Significance of scroll wedding invitation cards: These types of cards have high significance or importance because scrolls were used in ancient time by Kings and other royal people to send the important messages. The cards were also known as “Farmaan” and only royal families were allowed to use such kind of invitations. But, nowadays everybody wants to have the same royal and majestic celebration. So, the preference has gone to these invitations which are traditional yet stylish.

scroll wedding cards, scroll wedding invitations, scroll invitations

Packaging of Scroll Paper:  Generally scroll marriage invitations are enclosed in an imported handmade tissue paper and this particular paper protects the scroll cards from any kind of damage and gives a perfect look to the invitation card.  At the same time, many online wedding card portals are offering scroll in the rectangular invitation box for royal look.  The inner card and marriage case are delivered in a beautiful box attached with ribbon or lace.

scroll wedding cards, scroll wedding invitations, scroll invitations, scroll cards

Diversity of Scroll marriage invitations:  In today’s world, scroll invitations are available in various forms, and you can choose these traditional cards in a modern design or style. It all depends on your choice and liking, but it becomes necessary to select cards based on your budget, theme of the marriage and availability of the particular design or color you are looking at.

So, to make your marriage is an unforgettable event select scroll wedding invitations which are unique and special. These scroll matrimonial cards are the best way to set your dream marriage with a delicate glamour.