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A wedding is an auspicious and a big event in South India wherein each and every family member enjoys it with loads of happiness. It is a known fact theta the people of South India are also very particular and religiously abide by the traditions and rituals followed in their culture. Therefore, it is also true that sending marriage invitations to guests is also given utmost importance in this community. At the same time, they are also very particular about the way their cards have to be designed or prepared. South Indian people are slightly shy in nature and prefer to keep certain things unspoken and implied, unlike the north Indian people who are very vocal about their emotions.

The same trait is also reflected in their marriage invitation cards which are very simple and chaste in nature.

So, one obligatory aspect which is present in almost all the south wedding invitations is simplicity and elegance. But, the marriage invitations of the northern Indian community tend to get over-the-top and a bit flashy whereas you are hardly going to come across a card of similar ostentation in the south Indian community or culture.

The south Indian wedding cards are usually in red, orange and yellow color. The symbol of Lord Balaji is placed on the front of the card to seek blessings from the God. The south Indian wedding card contains venue name, time of reception, date and details about the bride and groom along with their parents.

south indian wedding cards, South indian wedding invitations, cards

So, to fulfill this particular need is offering highly customizable south Indian marriage cards in various designs and colors. You can also select a font according to your choice. We also give importance to color and font size because it leaves first impression about your special day on your relatives and friends.

Our highly talented card designers continuously upgrade the catalogue of this card with recent additions which are becoming popular day by day. Our 24/7 customer support team understands your requirement and helps in designing a wedding card as per your wedding theme. At the same time, various matching add-on cards like RSVP cards, menu cards and many more to match your main wedding cards.

a2z south indian wedding cards, South indian wedding invitations, cards

Before closing I want to share a final thought, whatever the situation may be after reading the above mentioned details; you will happily complete the process of finalizing south Indian wedding invitations. So, come and unfurl the amazing world of cards for optimum festivity.