Earlier RSVPs were not in trend so, the weddings used to end up with oodles of wastage on money and food. But, with the passage of time RSVP cards became a call of the minute.

RSVP literally means “Reply if you please” or “Please Reply”; it has been imitated from the French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plait”. Sending Wedding RSVP Cards is surely an astonishing idea to get timely replies from your guests. Above all, these cards serve various other purposes as well such as getting information about the songs preferred, dine choice, dietary preference, personal notes, any other special requirements and so on.

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RSVP cards offer a practical and more realistic approach to carry on the wedding preparations. The event can be a real success if the RSVP cards are replied well on time!  There are different ways to reply back to the RSVP invitations. One can either mail back directly the response card that accompanies the Wedding Invitation, or a written reply can be sent to the soon to be married couple. Most of the RSVPs comes along with the telephone number of the host so, making a telephonic conversation with the host too is a great idea to mark your generosity.

Yes, we do understand that at times it is really not easy to manage the RSVPs but we also believe that “Life is not that simple as it seems… nor as complicated as we make it.” So here are a few tips to help you in simplifying your preparations:-

Stick to time!

If you are expecting responses on time, send invitations well on time. 8 weeks’ time period is probably the most suitable one to send your wedding invitations. If in case you are planning for a destination wedding, sending wedding invitation before 9-10 months would be an apt choice to give your guests a proper pace to make their plans accordingly.

The max!

Set deadlines for receiving the RSVP cards. Usually 3-4 weeks time before wedding is allotted to the guests for reply. The further preparations for the wedding will then take place.

Framing it in words….

Giving words to your wedding invitation is probably the most important part of your invite. Be very particular while fabricating your words. The text can be formatted in the following ways-

“Number of Guests Attending___ “

“We have reserved ____ seats in your name”

____ of 2/3 guests will attend.

Addressing the envelope

You can address the envelopes by getting the name of the guests printed or by simply giving shapes to the letters by your own hand; a calligrapher can also be hired for the same.

Rsvp Cards | A2zWeddingCards

 Placement of the RSVP card

The RSVP Card should be placed wittily; it should be placed in front of the wedding invitation facing up. So, that it might get noticed by the recipients who shall then reply at the earliest.

Receiving the reply backs

Finalize where you want the RSVPs to be delivered, collect the RSVPs and don’t miss to keep a track of the responses.

Rsvp Cards | A2zWeddingCards

So, that’s all about RSVP cards! While you finalize your Wedding Invitations for your Wedding, don’t miss to order your RSVPs.

Happy Wedding!!