Wedding is considered as one of the most special times for every family, regardless of the place where it happens. South American nations, for example, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia have uncommon customs that make the wedding of every couple unique as well as memorable. One can find lot of emotional ceremonies, which are performed to showcase their own culture and tradition. The South American wedding conventions change from nation to nation, however, there are some general customs that are common. Some of these customs are still carried out in the weddings occurring in the South American nations.

South American WeddingThe fundamental South American communities are Chilean, Argentinean and Venezuelan communities. In such weddings the conventions are quite same, however every community has its own particular style of celebrating the South American wedding. The South American wedding couples celebrate such functions with both extended and immediate family members, as it is imperative to establish strong family ties or relationships. They have social rules that aid in the planning of the whole function and they have their conventional ministers who unite the bride and groom in the sacred marriage. Generally, before the marriage the priest affirms, whether the groom and bride have informed about their union to the parents or not. It is in their tradition to inform the parents about the holy marriage and seeking their blessings is considered noteworthy.

South American Wedding IdeasYou can find different types of features in it that make it very popular all across the globe. Many couples want to celebrate their function based on the culture and theme of South America. Variety of food- One can find pastelitos as well as pastries which is stuffed with vegetables and meat are served as delicious appetizers just before the meal. The main meal, beef stew is served with fried plantains, beans and rice. The desert comprises of flan that is a kind of custard, which is prepared from caramelized sugar, milk, vanilla and eggs. It is known as the traditional dessert for every South American wedding function. The wedding cake is prepared from nuts and dried fruit. Later, the cake is soaked in the rum that is easily absorbed by this cake. It is very tasty and delicious. When it comes to beverages, the alcoholic beverage is made from fruit, seltzer, brandy, sugar and wine. In case of non-alcoholic drink that includes batido or fruit shake prepared from fresh fruit and milk.

South American Wedding photoThe civil function usually happens a fortnight before the main matrimonial ceremony. After the completion of the civil service and the main function, the guests are invited for attending the reception at a particular chosen venue. Nowadays, most of the couples in South American weddings want to have a theme based upon their mutual consent. The main aim is to distinguish the whole function from other couples and making it best in all respects by keeping in mind the religious and cultural traditions.

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